Apollo Library of Technical Specifications

1Current Specs

1.2federation v2.0

federation v2.0 provides graph composition primitives for use in subgraphs.

1.3join v0.2

join v0.2 declaratively describes joins between types in a supergraph.

1.4tag v0.2

tag v0.2 attaches a single piece of string metadata to various locations in a schema

1.5inaccessible v0.2

inaccessible v0.2 masks fields and types from a graph’s public API

2All Schemas

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  1. 1Current Specs
    1. 1.1link v1.0
    2. 1.2federation v2.0
    3. 1.3join v0.2
    4. 1.4tag v0.2
    5. 1.5inaccessible v0.2
  2. 2All Schemas